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  • Daewoo Egg Cooker 360W

    Daewoo Egg Cooker 360W

    This egg cooker can cook upto 7 eggs at once so your whole family can enjoy the healthy benefits of eggs as part of a balanced diet.
    £12.99 £19.99
  • Digital Bathroom Scale

    Digital Bathroom Scale

    Digital bathroom scale features an LCD screen, auto on and four sensors these bathroom scales are sure to give your bathroom a refreshing colourful and contemporary new look.
    £17.99 £25.99
  • Digital PH Water Tester

    Digital PH Water Tester

    This digital pen style pH meter is an ideal instrument for aquarium, fishing industry, swimming pool, school laboratory, food & beverage etc. Very accurate and durable.
    £10.99 £19.99