25ft Flexible Expandable Garden Water Hose EU plug

25ft Flexible Expandable Garden Water Hose EU plug
Water the garden quickly and easily with this expandable water hose.
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25ft Flexible Expandable Garden Water Hose EU plug

With dual-layer, super strong and durable but ultra lightweight
Absolutely cannot twist, tangle, or kink
Automatically expands up to 3 times it's size when water is turned on
Automatically contracts back in just seconds when water is turned off
Great water pipe for family use or build use

How to use with a sprinkler:
1) Turn the valve ON/OFF at the end of your water hose to the OFF position
2) Turn the water at the source and your water hose will expand to it's maximum length, when using the water hose for the first time, it's recommended to first fill and extend hose and slightly stretch hoe to release tightness in outer folded material. Then release water and refill to use normally
3) Attach your sprinkler to the ON/OFF valve
4) Place your sprinkler in the desired place in your yard or garden
5) Point the sprinkler nozzle away from you and turn on ON/OFF valve to the ON position and walk away,your sprinkler will work the same way, It works with any ordinary hose.
Protective measures:
Do not leave the water turned on and the hose under pressure when not in use
Drain the hose in the summer and keep it shaped as much as possible when you are not using it
Store the hose in winter in the condition of drain the hose completely as water remaining can freeze, damaging the hose

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