12 Holes Plant Seeds Grow Box

12 Holes Plant Seeds Grow Box
12 hole plant nursery box with transparent lid to help grow seedlings.



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12 Holes Plant Seeds Grow Box

  1. Using seeding nursery box, can save time and effort, it is also easy to operate.
  2. Transparent lid acts as insulation like a greenhouse effect and prevents moisture evaporation doesn't
  3. When covered with the lid after planting, you can wait a week before watering.
  4. After the seeds germinate you should open the lid, increase ventilation, reduce humidity, to prevent disease infecting the seedlings.

Material: plastic
Size: Approx. 187 * 145 * 110mm (L * W * H), 12 holes
Hole depth: Approx. 5.5cm.
A set of three (Lid/ Plug tray/Bottom basin)

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