Washable Multimedia USB Keyboard UK Layout

Washable Multimedia USB Keyboard UK Layout
Easy to clean keyboard that can be washed so you get a healthy and clean working surface



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Washable Multimedia USB Keyboard UK Layout

Did you know keyboards can get dirtier than your toilet? Eating at your desk, not washing your hands after work and general build up of dust and dirt can turn your keyboard into a health hazard. Conventional keyboards are hard to clean as you can't allow liquid to get inside. Bacteria then builds up spreads to your fingers and anything you touch will be contaminated.

This washable keyboard is easy to clean, just submerge it into water and scrub away until it looks like new again.

Flexible, high quality silicone keyboard
Can be easily rolled up, dustproof, spill proof, washable!
Sealed keys are tactile and comfortable to use
Large yellow high visibility key labels
Full size keyboard layout with number pad
10 multimedia hot keys for internet, email, volume, play and pause
USB interface
Supports Win XP/Vista/7/8/10
Dimensions (HxWxD): 6x450x156mm

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