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What is internet security?

When your computer connects to a network or the internet and starts communicating with other computers, it is taking a risk. Internet security involves the protection of a computers internet account and files from intrusion from an unknown source. Basic security measures involve protection by selecting passwords, change of file permissions and back up of computers data.

Software programs such as internet security suites or antivirus software are the most useful and common in protecting your computer from harmful viruses. These programs are used to detect and eliminate viruses.

What is the difference between anti-virus and internet security software?

The main difference between internet security and antivirus is that internet security packages normally comes in suites, as more is included in this software the suites tend to cost a little extra as they are more of an advanced protection and considered as a complete package but as a result use more of a computers memory. So sometimes if you’re running on a lower spec computer you maybe be better of with an antivirus package as they have fewer tasks running and slow a computer down less, whilst providing a very good basic package.

Which is best for me?

Which title is the best is often up for debate and people will always have personal preferences, so check out the brands and see which best suits your needs, with Norton being our best seller.




For our full list of security packages please see our Security & Utilities section.

Some sites provide security package downloads but one should be very cautious as some websites say they are providing protection from viruses with their software, but they are really trying to install a virus on to your computer. So always purchase from a trusted seller such as Saverpoint as this is one area where you do not want to take risks nor skimp on the pennies.

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