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Mcafee Products

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Problems accessing the site.

I can't login to my account.

Please check your email address you used to register and password you set during ordering, as incorrect entered emails will not get verified if you start using your correct email address. If you paid by Paypal then unfortunately an account would not have been created as you were taken away from our site to pay. Therefore please use your order number when contacting us 


I clicked to email my password but received an email with a blank password.

This is related to the above login issue. Since you didn't create an account on our website you were therefore unable to setup an account password. Please call us to set one up.


How many loyalty gifts can I order?

You can order as many as you want. You will be charged inc shipping and handling for every product you select.


What do I do if I have a problem with the CD?

In the first instance, please contact the numbers provided above remembering to have your PC specifications to hand. We will try and deal with your issue on the phone.


How is the software delivered?

The software is packaged in plastic jewel case or slip case but definitely in a way that it can be posted through your mail box, avoiding the need for you to stay in for special deliveries.


What happens if I don't receive the order within 14 working days?

In the unlikely event of the Software being shipped but not delivered within 14 working days, please contact 0843 330 6713 between 10.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. You will be asked to confirm non-delivery (possibly in writing) and then the re-order will be shipped to you by recorded mail.


I have a problem accessing the site or completing my details or get an enable cookies error?


Your Browser settings are not correct

All active content sites on the internet require cookies to be enabled in your browser, cookies are enabled by default. They must have been disabled. There is no choice if you wish to use active sites - Cookies must be enabled

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McAfee Internet Security Product Key Card Edition (3 Users)

Q. I have activated the code on my first pc and won’t activate again.

If you successfully activated Mcafee key code for the first time and registered/downloaded and installed perfectly then try to re-redeem the code again then the code will not redeem again. Reason why the code is not redeeming again is because the code can only be activated once and registered to the active Mcafee account. It cannot be redeemed again. To access your subscription and download on subsequent machines please sign in to your Mcafee account and find the subscription that should be active and ready for immediate download.


Q. My Mcafee product key code is not activating correctly?

Please double check your entries and try again. Check you are on the correct website site that shows on the actual card not the instruction card.

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Symantec Norton Product Serial Key Codes FAQ

Q. I have just ordered my product Serial key order via saverpoint and not received email?

Please note it can take up to 24-48 hours (i.e. 1-2 working days) for email to be processed and sent to your nominated email address given at the time of the order. Please ensure that you have given your email address 100% correct at the time of the order and also there no spam junk mail programs blocking email from our customer services email address to prevent email being delivered and moved to different location. Our product key code email will be sent from customerservices@saverpoint.com or activate-here.co.uk If you haven't received the product key code you ordered in after 48 hours (end of 2nd working day then please contact us)

Note for users with btinternet.com email addresses. We are getting reports of customers that use this email domain not receiving any emails from us. You will have to give us another non btinternet email address or contact btinternet to stop blocking our emails.


Q. I don’t seem to understand nor how to apply/install or download software / product key code?

We understand not many customers are tech savvy, we provide detailed instructions on how to apply/download or install software. Normally there are 2 installation methods provided on our email. If you don’t know or unsure how to install please contact our customer services 0843 330 6713 for assistance.


Q. I haven’t received my Norton CD Media through the post?

Please double check your order, if your item says "Product serial key Version", then we will not post/send the CD media. It is a product key code order that will be sent to your nominated email address.


Q. I ordered Product Serial key item from your website and would like the CD to be sent.

Please contact customer services on 0843 330 6713 for assistance and information.


Q. My Symantec/Norton product will not work on windows Vista?

Norton Internet Security and Antivirus 2012, 2013 and 2014 versions requires Windows Service Pack 1 or above (Mandatory). Please update your windows before you proceed installing your Norton product. Service Pack is a free update from Microsoft. To do this go to control panel > windows update. You may have to repeat the same process couple/several times depending how many updates are required to download and install.


Q. I get "Invalid Product Key" message.  Your current product key you entered is not valid for this product?

Please double check your entries and try again, Make sure you have ordered the correct product before entering product key provided by us.


Q. I have bought a product serial key from you long time ago, I lost my Norton Product Serial Key email.

If you activated the product key once before on your PC and has a valid subscription, please go to your my documents folder. You should see folder named "Symantec" load the Symantec folder up and you should see one text file. Load the text file up and you will see your valid product key.  If you haven’t activated at all or lost your product key code email that was sent by us then please contact customer services on 0843 330 6713 for assistance.


Q. I have received my product serial key email and would like to cancel order.

Please contact customer services on 0843 330 6713 for assistance.


You received an 'Abandoned Cart Email'

You get the Abandoned Cart Email when an order you placed has for some reason not been completed or during checkout you cancelled the transaction or there was an error during checkout that forced the order to be abandoned.

If you have completed the order and paid in full and received an email to confirm payment then you can ignore the email as it is an automated process.

If you wish to complete the order just click on the link on the Abandoned Cart Email to continue your checkout

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